A new name

Why would a brand with a long tradition like Calcutta, that has become a quality label for luxury textile wall coverings, want to change its name? We certainly don't make this change because we want to deny our origin but we felt it was time to honour our roots,

and to show our customers that quality and tradition do not necessarily stand in the way of evolution. That's why we chose to give our products a new name that refers to the village of Sleidinge in Flanders with its great tradition in luxury textile for walls. A tradition of luxury

Calcutta was founded in Sleidinge, Belgium in 1848 and started off as a linen mill.Throughout the years, the company kept evolving and expanding its business. Nowadays, it is known as one of the world's few production companies of luxury textile wall coverings, and as an important European producer of finished fabrics for interior sun protection and of Ray-Screen. With the new name for our company we wish to acknowledge that Asanderus will continue to stand for top, luxury and tradition with a modern twist.