Designing the future

For more than 100 years, Forbo Flooring Systems has been specialising in creating better living and working environments, producing stunning floor coverings whose designs, colours and structures are inspired by the world around us.

Natural raw materials

Linoleum is a natural product derived from controlled renewable raw materials. Forbo is committed to keeping it this way, and to extending these benefits by focusing on issues such as sustainable sourcing, reducing waste and using less and above all green energy.

Marmoleum, the world’s best-known linoleum brand, represents the classic marble-look structure that many people appreciate in linoleum. Marmoleum is available in three different designs ranging from lightly to heavily marbled, and a massive 88 colours.

Where to use?

While each Forbo linoleum collection is different, they are all suitable for use in a wide range of spaces and environments, including both light and heavy traffic areas. It simply depends on your own functional and aesthetic wishes. Different type of rooms, like meeting rooms, class rooms, offices and changing rooms, in commercial, institutional and public buildings are no problem. The same is true for entrance halls, corridors, kitchens and pantries. Reception areas, staircases and shop floors are a breeze. As are hospital ,wards, convention centres and other similarly hard-used public spaces.