lg hausys

Beyond function And Beuty

LG Hausys uPVC Window is a luxurious design product created with consideration on evocativeness and functionality. Our energy-saving soundproof uPVC windows provide customers with a better quality of life, while its user-friendly design presents customers with an emotional satisfaction which is the heart of LG Hausys uPVC Window.,


0ND Sliding Window and Door
60ND Sliding Windows and Sliding Doors minimize an inflow of dust by Double sealed interlocking parts, One-lock handle available(Small window), Attachable bug mesh frame system

88ND Sliding Window and Door
88ND Sliding Windows and Sliding Doors Solve rough and dull shape problem with Innovative New F-S System, Manual pop-up handle available (1 ~ 4 locking cams available), Automatic pop-up handle available (2 locking cams available with SF-77ND), Solid PVC track rail, One-Touch stopper, EPDM gasket integrated GB

68ND Sliding Window and Door
68ND Sliding Windows and Sliding Doors enhance water tightness with raised track rail system(30mm) and stair type structure, Manual pop-up handle(1~4 Locking cams available) and Automatic pop-up handle(Double locking cams available), Heavy load sustainable roller with silky opening

124ND Sliding Window and Door
124ND Sliding Windows and Sliding Doors have widen opening due to 3 track rail(1/2 →2/3), Capable of applying on High-rise building with enhanced structural strength stemming from hetero-profile welding system, Manual pop-up handle(1~4 locking cams available) and automatic 2 locking cams available, Trendy projected handle